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Weston Warriors Sports, Inc. is a youth football & cheerleading program. Our goals are to help develop children by providing a positive environment where they will have fun and learn the proper skills of youth football & cheerleading, along with the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, commitment & hard work, etc. We encourage scholastic achievement along with family & community involvement while acting as consistent & caring role models. Our program is bigger than any 1 Athlete, Coach or Parent / Guardian. This Agreement will serve as an acknowledgement by you (Parent/Guardian) that, by choosing to enroll your child in the program, you will ensure that he/she abide by the by-laws set forth by the Board of Directors as well as all Local, Regional, & National rules that may apply, in addition to this Code of Conduct. Any infraction of this code will be cause for ejection from the park on the first offense. Consecutive infractions will be cause of permanent expulsion for the remainder of the season.

I do hereby agree to abide by this Weston Warriors’ Athlete Code of Conduct Contract as well as to the discretionary authority given all authorized Coaches in the program. Failure to follow the Code or Coaches’ instruction will be deemed grounds for disciplinary actions and or dismissal from the team. The code states the following:

1. I will respect all Coaches at all times, calling them Coach.
2. I will work hard in school.
3. I will respect and obey my Parents/Guardian.
4. I will respect Referees, Opponent athletes & Coaches at all times.
5. I will encourage my teammates in a positive way, regardless of circumstances, with sportsmanship as my #1 priority in all games & practices.
6. If I have an unsportsmanlike event, it will result in my immediate removal from the remainder of the game. If I have an unsportsmanlike event that is a result of poor interaction with a referee, it will result in my immediate removal from the remainder of the game & a 1 game suspension. Repeat infractions will result in my season long suspension.
7. I will not use profanity.
8. I will attend every scheduled practice & game on time. I will notify the Coach in advance, should I not be attending. 1 absence with notice will be allowed for the season. For each additional absence, the following will apply each week: 1 will result in a loss of a quarter, 2 will result in loss of a half & 3 or more will result in loss of all play time in that week’s game.
9. If I miss 3 games during the season, I will be removed from the team for the season.
10. I will respect, protect and maintain my equipment. I will never throw, purposely drop or sit on my helmet. I will be expelled from practice or the game if I throw my helmet or remove my shoulder pads in anger. A 2nd offense shall cause me to be suspended for the next game; a 3rd offense shall cause me to be suspended for the season & I shall turn in my equipment on the spot.
11. I will return all equipment at year’s end or immediately upon dismissal from the team.
12. I will conduct myself in a way that presents a positive image of the Weston Warriors & myself on & off the field. HONOR, COURAGE, DUTY, COUNTRY

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