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Weston Warriors Sports, Inc. (here-in after also referred to as Weston Warriors) is a youth football & cheerleading program. Our goals are to help develop children by providing a positive environment where they will have fun and learn the proper skills of youth football & cheerleading, along with the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, commitment & hard work, etc. We encourage scholastic achievement along with family & community involvement while acting as consistent & caring role models. Our program is bigger than any 1 Athlete, Coach or Parent /Guardian. This Agreement will serve as an acknowledgement by you (Coach) that, by choosing to Coach in the program, you will abide by the by-laws set forth by the Board of Directors as well as Gold Coast Pop Warner, Inc & Pop Warner Little Scholars, in addition to this Code of Conduct. The Head Coach shall be responsible for the conduct of all registered children, members of the coaching staff & spectators related to the program’s activities &/or events. Coaches are required to act as follows:

  1. The Coach shall emphasize that good athletes are good students; both are physically & mentally alert.
  2. The Coach shall strive to make every football/cheer activity serve as a training ground for life and as a basis for good mental & physical health.
  3.  The Coach shall treat each Child, opposing Coach, Spectator, & Board Member with respect & dignity.
  4.  The Coach shall have safety as a 1st concern & ensure that medical kits are available at all practices & games.
  5.  The Coach shall encourage teamwork & overt sportsmanship at every turn.
  6.  The Coach shall emphasize that winning a game is the result of teamwork with athletes performing to the best of their ability.
  7.  The Coach shall learn the strengths & weaknesses of his/her athletes in order to place them in situations where each has a maximum opportunity to achieve success.
  8.  The Coach shall be organized & efficient with time, have practices planned & written out, run drills in small groups (5-10 players), keep calisthenics and agility drills to a minimum, & run drills that double as conditioning, minimizing sprints.
  9.  The Coach shall run lots of fit & freeze drills to check & approve proper form, keep live scrimmaging to a minimum, keep live tackling drills limited to smaller spaces, no high-speed ramming type drills that may cause injury.
  10.  The Coach shall make sure athlete information sheets & release forms are available & ensure the "Team Book" is at all Weston Warriors practices & games.
  11.  The Coach shall provide kids plenty of water breaks, encourage proper hydration, & never refuse water or use it as either punishment or motivation.
  12.  The Coach shall review in depth safe and sure blocking & tackling techniques with the head up to lessen the chance of neck or head injuries.
  13.  The Coach shall speak with confidence & purpose, be positive, enthusiastic, & encourage athletes; never belittle an athlete.
  14.  The Coach shall be consistent, set parameters & don’t allow athletes outside of them.
  15.  The Coach shall never touch an athlete inappropriately or aggressively.
  16.  The Coach shall not use abusive or profane language.
  17.  The Coach shall not smoke, dip or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at the parks before, during, or after games, scrimmages or practices.
  18.  The Coach shall not wear any clothing that promotes violence.
  19.  The Coach shall ensure that all athletes are coached during practice, there are no idle athletes during practice time unless scrimmaging & all athletes are to participate in each scrimmage.
  20.  The Coach shall not “run up” the score & while ahead comfortably shall substitute liberally. 
  21.  The Coach shall substitute freely & not call timeouts when ahead comfortably late in the game, shall stay in bounds to help run out the clock, & shall kneel to run out the clock if close to the goal line.
  22.  The Coach shall not excessively celebrate big plays & shall have athletes hand the ball to the Official.
  23. The Coach shall always treat Officials, spectators, opposing athletes & Coaches with respect.
  24.  The Coach that is expelled from a game shall be suspended for the next game; a 2nd offense shall cause the Coach to be suspended for the season.
  25.  The Coach shall control the crowd & restrain any problem spectators. Ask a Board Member for help, if needed.
  26. The Coach shall refer any complaints or rules violations to the President or Board Member.
  27.  The Coach shall warn an athlete if athlete throws his helmet or removes his shoulder pads in anger. A 2nd offense shall cause the athlete to be suspended for the next game; a 3rd offense shall cause the athlete to be suspended for the season & the Coach shall collect his equipment on the spot.
  28.  The Coach shall enforce the attendance policy in a consistent a fair manner towards all athletes. Each athlete is to be at every scheduled practice & game on time. 1 absence with notice will be allowed for the season. For each additional absence, the following will apply each week: 1 will result in a loss of a quarter, 2 will result in loss of a half & 3 or more will result in loss of all play time in that week’s game.
  29.  The Coach shall immediately retrieve equipment from athletes that quit or are expelled.
  30. The Coach shall ensure that all coaches are approved by the Board in advance, no exceptions.
  31. The Coach shall fill out paperwork, pass the background check, attend clinics & pass any Coaches’ Certification Course(s) as the Weston Warriors deem necessary prior to working with athletes. 

I agree to abide by the above guidelines as a condition of Coaching for the Weston Warriors. I can be terminated at any time, with or without cause & will have no remedy or review. I agree to accept all actions the Board feels is appropriate & agree to hold harmless the Weston Warriors Sports, Inc., its Board Members & Coaches for any wrongdoing or acts of negligence. I agree to resolve any issue directly with the Board or coaching staff & not in court of law. I agree to pay the Weston Warriors or its Coaches for their legal fees if I choose to ignore this clause.  I acknowledge that I will be a role model, that athletes will take their cue from me. I agree to act in a way that is honorable. While the goal is to play well, the primary goal is the uplifting & proper training of children.                           

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